IL-KHANIDS, the Mongol dynasty in Persia and the surrounding countries, from about 1260 until about 1335. The dynasty was founded by Holāgu/Hülegü Khan (q.v.), the grandson of Čengiz Khan, and ruled the territory covered by present-day Persia, Turkmenistan, northern Afghanistan, the southern Caucasus (modern Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan), Iraq, and much of Anatolia. The name is derived from the title il-ḵān that was used, to some extent, by all members of the dynasty (see the discussion of the title in HÜLEGÜ KHAN, who adopted it sometime before 1260).

i. Dynastic History.

ii. Architecture.

iii. Book illustration.

iv. Ceramics.

v. Carpets. See CARPETS viii.

vi. Clothing. See CLOTHING ix.

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