ISLAM IN IRAN. Although a large number of articles in this Encyclopaedia are devoted to specific aspects of Sunnite Islam in general and Shiʿite Islam in particular, the following series of articles provide an overview of some historical, contemporary, and especially political aspects of the topic that are of special interest and relevance in the world today. The series consists of the following three broad sections:

1. The Advent and Spread of Islam in Iran.

i. The advent of Islam in Iran. See IRAN ix/2.1.

ii. Conversion to Islam. See CONVERSION iii.

iii. Late medieval period. See IRAN ix/2.2.

iv. Shiʿite states since the Safavids. See IRAN ix/2.3.

2. Messianism and Millenarianism in Islam.

v. Messianic Islam in Iran: A general survey.

vi. The concept of Mahdi in Sunni Islam.

vii. The concept Mahdi in Twelver Shiʿism.

viii. The occultation of Mahdi. See ḠAYBA.

ix. The deputies of Mahdi.

3. Islamic Political Movements.

x. The roots of political Shiʿism in Iran.

xi. Jihad in Islam.

xii. Martyrdom in Islam. See Supplement.

xiii. Islamic political movements in 20th-century Iran.

xiv. Islam and democracy. See Supplement.

xv. Islam and socialism. See Supplement.

xvi. Islam and fundamentalism. See Supplement.

xvii. Islamic Revolution of 1977–79. See Supplement.

xviii. Islamic Republic of Iran. See Supplement.


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